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Zanran - PDF Xtractor


Digitise your PDFs – unlock the content without needing any templates.

Zanran's PDF Xtractor enables your UiPath robot to access the data in a PDF.   The system is based on computer vision, no templates are required.

It is designed for documents with tables as well as text - annual reports, 10-K's, brokers reports, economic analyses.

In outline, this is what happens:

1: The ‘Upload Activity’ sends your PDFs to the Zanran Xtractor (either on-premise or in the cloud). The PDFs are then automatically analysed (computer vision).

2: Zanran's ‘Results Activity’ queries the Xtractor and gets back relevant tables, etc. Tables can be Excel, XML or JSON.

3. Your UiPath robot does further processing on the extracted data


Content, especially content in tables, can be extracted from financial PDFs and used in subsequent robotic processes. 

Zanran is solving the problem of data extraction without templates.

No third-party dependencies.

Created using version 2018.2.4

Example: corporate credit checking:

Clients’ financial statements are processed by the PDF Xtractor to find and extract the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet - as Excel or XML. 

The Excel or XML is then queried by the UiPath robot to pull out values for ‘current assets’ etc. The robot does calculations on the extracted values to build financial ratios. 


Can this be used to extract data from receipts?

By Anithalakshmi Arun - 2018-12-17T10:13:09Z
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Zanran - PDF Xtractor


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Published: 21 November 2018

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Tags: Pdf Excel Table Processing Datatable

Process: Finance And Accounting Information Technology

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